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Iowa defeated Iowa State, 18-15, after each team won five games. Bonus points were the difference for the Hawkeyes as they took big decisions from Spencer Lee, Cobe Siebrecht and Nelson Brands. This duel also marked the season debut of Spencer Lee who started at 125 pounds.

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Likely starting lineups

125: #1 Spencer Lee major decision Corey Cabanban (Iowa St.), 16-5

First period: Lee scores immediately and gives up an immediate breakout then picks up another out for a 4-1 lead. A four-point drop makes it 8-1 with two minutes left. Lee collects four more midway through the period for a 12-1 lead. A breakout with a minute to go is 12-2.

Second period: Cabanban chooses neutral. Cabanban scores on a late shot for an out to cut the lead to 12-4.

Third period: Lee chooses the bottom and escapes in 18 seconds for a 13-4 lead. Lee blocks a shot for an out and a 15-4 lead. A breakout with 45 seconds left makes it a 15-5 lead. A driving time point gives Lee a 16-5 record in his season debut.

Iowa: 4
State of Iowa: 0

First period: Schriever was on a shot midway through the period but Attasauov blocked. No goal in the first half.

Second period: Attasauov chooses on the ground and escapes in 15 seconds for the first point of the match. Schriever is on a single with 35 seconds left and Attasauov retires. No score for the rest of the period.

Third period: Schriever starts down but Attasauov appears to be on the run as the crowd calls for a stall. Schriever sits down and gets the breakout with 1:15 to go to even the score, 1-1. Attasauov scores a mat-edge out to take a 3-1 lead. He rides the rest of the period for the win.

Iowa: 4
Iowa State: 3

First half: Woods makes his season debut against Swiderski. A few shots from Woods but no serious chances to score in the first minute. Swiderski gets a bit more attacking in the second minute but both feel good. Woods on a shot with 50 seconds left but Swiderski blocks. Stall against Swiderski with 30 seconds left. No score in the first period.

Second period: Swiderski picks up. Woods flat Swiderski for the first minute. A second stall warning gives Woods the first point of the game with 27 seconds left in the period. Woods passed Swiderski the entire period and had a 1-0 lead.

Third period: Woods clinches and escapes in seven seconds for a 2-0 lead. Swiderski spins behind a shot from Woods and scores a strikeout to level the score 2-2 but a breakout makes it 3-2 with a minute to go. Swiderski tries a few shots but fails to score. Woods wins, 4-2, with driving time.

Iowa: 7
Iowa State: 3

149: #9 Paniro Johnson (Iowa St.) decision #6 Max Murin (Iowa), 3-1 SV

First period: Johnson is on a shot with 2:10 to go but Murin counters and a deadlock is called. Lots of hand fighting in the second minute. More hand fights lead to a scoreless first period.

Second period: Murin chooses the background and escapes in six seconds. Johnson shoots late but can’t convert. Murin leads, 1-0.

Third period: Johnson picks down and is on his feet, but Murin keeps him on the mat as they go out of bounds with 1:33 to go. Johnson finally escapes to make it 1-1. No score the rest of the match.

Sudden victory: Johnson on a shot with 45 seconds left but Murin countered. Johnson hits a buzzer sweep single for a 3-1 win.

Iowa: 7
Iowa State: 6

First period: Siebrecht hits a lace leg throw for a feet-to-back takedown and a 6-0 lead after Kraisser recovers. Kraisser escapes with 18 seconds to go but Siebrecht takes a 6-1 lead in the second.

Second period: Kraisser goes low and escapes in 20 seconds to reduce the lead to 6-2. Kraisser lands a jab but Siebrecht runs out the back door in a wild scramble as the two crumble until a stalemate is called.

Third period: Siebrecht starts and Kraisser puts the leg. He seems engaged in the race for the moment. Siebrecht gets up and Kraisser lets him go and Siebrecht scores a strikeout seconds later for a 9-2 lead. Kraisser nearly escapes but Siebrecht holds on for a major 10-2 decision with driving time.

Iowa: 11
Iowa State: 6

First period: No goal after a minute. Low shot but Carr converts for an out with 1:05 remaining Kennedy escapes immediately to make it 2-1. Carr converts on an outside header for another out and a 4-1 lead at the break.

Second period: Carr singles down and immediately escapes for a 5-1 lead. Carr’s single sweep converts for his third out and a 7-1 lead. Kennedy escapes with 15 seconds remaining and cuts the lead to 7-2.

Third period: Kennedy starts at the bottom and escapes to make it 7-3. Carr hits a single and scores with 20 seconds left and gives up the breakout for a 9-4 lead. Driving time gives Carr a 10-4 win.

Iowa: 11
Iowa State: 9

174: #20 Nelson Brands (Iowa) major decision MJ Gaitan (Iowa St.), 13-5

First half: Brands scores out of bounds then brings Gaitan back inbounds and the body locks him out for two close falls and a 4-0 lead. Gaitan escapes. It’s 4-1. Brands goes toe-to-toe for a takedown but Gaitan escapes. It’s 6-2 Marks. Gaitan scores a strikeout and escapes for a wild first period that ends with Brands leading, 7-4.

Second period: Gaitan chooses to go down and escapes but Brands still leads, 7-5. Brands goes feet to back and approaches the drop, but only the takedown is scored. Marks lead, 9-5. Brands goes on the run and brings Gaitan back to the mat with force at the end of the period.

Third period: Brands singles down and escapes for a 10-5 lead. Brands hits a single and doubles for another out and a 12-5 lead. He rides Gaitian for the remainder of the period for a major 13-5 decision with driving time.

Iowa: 15
Iowa State: 9

First half: No goal after one minute. Assad hits a single with 1:17 left but a stalemate is called with 58 seconds left. No score.

Second period: Coleman singles down and escapes in five seconds for the first point. Assad hits another shot midway through the period but Coleman counters and they’re back on their feet. Coleman leads, 1-0.

Third period: Assad chooses down and escapes in 26 seconds. The score is tied, 1-1. Assad hits his third shot but this time Coleman blocks for a takedown and a 3-1 lead. A breakout from Assad makes it 3-2 and Coleman holds on as Assad chases him. Coleman wins, 3-2.

Iowa: 15
Iowa State: 12

197: #6 Yonger Bastida (Iowa St.) decision #3 Jacob Warner (Iowa), 4-3

First half: No goal after one minute. Bastida scores a takedown with 1:07 to go and gives up the breakout for a 2-1. Bastida scores on the edge with two seconds remaining for a 4-1 lead.

Second period: Bastida chooses neutral. A fiery rally midway through the period earns no points but adds some excitement. Warner on a shot but Bastida retires. Bastida still leads, 4-1.

Third period: Warner chooses the bottom and escapes in 19 seconds to cut the lead in half. Tom Brands lays the brick on what appears to be a potential helmet hit against Bastida. Challenge won. Bastida was penalized and now leads 4-3. Warner on a shot as the crowd goes wild but Bastida kicks the buzzer and holds on for a 4-3 win.

Iowa: 15
Iowa State: 15

First period: Cassioppi scores on a single in 47 seconds for a 2-0 lead. Stall warning against Schuyler with 1:20 to go. Cassioppi locks in a ba arm with 45 seconds remaining and the crowd is up for grabs, calling to stall on the bottom. Cassioppi doesn’t get a turn but leads, 2-0.

Second period: Cassioppi starts on the ground and immediately escapes for a 3-0 lead. Cassioppi hits a double then goes high around the stomach for another takedown and a 5-0 lead. Cassioppi was hit for stalling on top, which is his first warning. He overcomes the period and maintains his lead of 5-0.

Third period: Schuyler on a shot and scores an out to cut the lead to 5-2 after locking up a cradle. Cassioppi escapes for a 6-2 lead with a minute to go. A teardown and drive time make it 9-2.

Iowa: 18
Iowa State: 15

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